Margrethe Hald: the Life and Work of a Textile Pioneer: new insights and perspectives

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Now exhibiting at Copenhagen University Library, KUB South Campus

Margrethe Hald was a Danish textile researcher extraordinaire. CTR has inherited a part of her archive and is currently working on publishing parts of it.

Please feel free to explore Margrethe Hald on her research journeys through the images (links) bellow.

We will be updating this website throughout our research into Margrethe Hald, so please feel welcome to come back any time and explore her work and experiences.

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The Margrethe Hald Podcast

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The Margrethe Hald Project at CTR, UCPH 

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Online Exhibition: Ancient Looms Revisited

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Photo Archive

Image by Iñaki del Olmo

The Margrethe Hald Bibliography

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The Margrethe Hald Database

Brev til Margrethe Hald

Margrethe Hald at NORDTERM 2021