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Silk Ribbons in Museum Amager: A Window to Europe


The Amager peasants are known for their distinctive dress practices and use of silk ribbons. Museum Amager has collected these silk ribbons as part of complete or partial examples of regional dress for over 100 years.

Silk Ribbons in Museum Amager: A Window to Europe seeks to create a new understanding of this collection – one of the largest collections of regional dress in Denmark – and shed light on a largely unknown history of Danish production and consumption of silk ribbons. The project examines the rising globalisation beginning in the 18th century and the technological advances in the European textile industry of the following century.

Furthermore, Silk Ribbons will illuminate how mass-produced objects, such as silk ribbons, received new meaning in a Danish peasant milieu – and how new wares became an integral part of the local dress and identity on Amager.

Image by Julissa Santana

Typology (coming soon)

As the project progress, more information will be published. Meanwhile, we refer to our UCPH project page and Museum Amager's website:

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