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Jordan | Participant Thoughts - Susanne Lervad

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Some examples are the concepts described as structured terminology in the Jordan museum where the findings of textile remains from the history of Jordan are explained very well in the textual descriptions of the museum. How to consider this very long diachrony of findings and not define the periods of Bronze Age etc too strictly but try to widen the categories for the interpretations. This outreach seems to be important and a good path towards a more  descriptive terminology.

The tiraz collection and the process of registering Widad Kawars exceptional collection of costumes etc. make as important link to Denmark and the work of textiles within the Danish cultural heritage foundation where the project  Textilnet/ a term wiki  is an ongoing project about textiles and costumes in Danish museums from the 17th century till today. How to digitize the data about the textile collections and combine the projects in a virtual space?  We could link the project of Textilnet with important questions of classifications and categories with the practical work going on at the tiraz foundation with help from Kvindemuseet and sponsored by the minister of foreign affairs in DK. Two women Birgit, member of dragtpuljen in Dk and Sibba both from Kvindemuseet would be excellent to collaborate with.

Susanne Lervad


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