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Jordan | Participant Thoughts - Linda Olofsson

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

The workshop has brought together a number of scholars addressing textile craft from different points of view. It is my hope that we can continue discussions and develop the ideas we got, when we get home. Also, the excursions in the last few days have stressed the question of what is happening to traditional textile craft today. How quickly craft processes change, depending on interest, economy, lost knowledge, lack of water, and so on.

We should think outside the box, find new ways and solutions, but also care for the box. We do not know what will be left for the future. For our understanding of ancient craft we need more than the spindle whorls and loom weights we find and recognise in the archaeological record.

Perhaps we could put up a section on the blog about raw materials, production processes and tools?

Linda Olofsson


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