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Jordan | Day 11 - Fourth and last day of the workshop excursion

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Dear all,

Most of the day was spent in a bus. The bus left the Mövenpick Nabatean Castle at 9.00 am and took us straight to Umm al-Rasas. In Umm al-Rasas we saw the archaeological site and the famous mosaic in the remains of Sct. Stevens Church. After the tour at the archaeological site, we went to a restaurant in Madaba. After we had settled our hunger with a delicious lunch, we drove toa very strange but different private museum. It shoved the biblical history and the jordanian history with big dolls.

After a long day in bus we went back to Amman, where we will spent our last night at the Toledo Hotel.

A wonderful workshop has ended.  We have many new questions we need to discuss in our future work but we have also made new acquaintances, come up with new ideas and suggestions for interdisciplinary projects within this field.

Day 11 was also the day where we had our bus session, about what we had achieved with the workshop, and what we wanted to achieve in the future.

Here are some of the outcomes from the bus session:

We will expand the existing Website with links to different textile handicraft projects and collectors, links to different textile experiments, textile techniques + an Online library with articles and bibliographies. Including a Conservation helpline blog - moth first theme. We will develop a project on "Beduin, living with textiles" together with Susan Jones and the Jordan museum. As part of this we will apply to UNESCO for founding to record the textile craft. We will contact the two UNESCO's represent-ants and experts on ICH which participated in the workshop. We will look into the UNESCO training facilities - training program for textile conservation.

All the best to all the participant, and may all have a safe journey home.



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