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Jordan | DAY 9 - Second day of the excursion

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Dear all,

Today has been the most incredible day, and I think many of the participants will agree. Early morning we checked out of the hotel, and went by bus at 7 am to the Bani Hamida Weaving project. Thanks to Sue Jones, who has been working with the women from Bani Hamida for many years, we got to see two of the womens private houses, neighbours. The first woman showed us how she was weaving on a horisontal groundlevel loom oustside her house. The textile she was weaving was 16 meters long. The second woman invited us inside her house and showed us how sher was spinning wool. We also got to see a finished rug, hanging outside the womens houses in the sun. After this exclusive visit to the womens houses, we went to the Bani Hamida Project center. Halima, the leader of the center, gave us an introduction to the pupose of the center when we came there. Afterwards we were served tea, coffee and cake, and had the opportunity to buy some of their finished products.

After our visit to the Bani Hamida project we went to the Museum at the Lowest Place on the Earth. On the way we drove pass the Dead Sea, and stopped to take some pictures. The Museum at the Lowest Place on the Earth was not a big museum, but the interesting part was the small pieces of textiles they had on display from the surrounding excavation.

After the museum we wnet to the Safi Weaving Project, where we were greated by a spectacular lunch. After lunch we were given an introduction to the center, by a man which name I cannot remember. He told us how they were using natural dyes to dye their textiles, and how they had just started to work with indigo, that gives the nice blue indigo colour. Some of the women gave us a demonstration on how they dye the textiles with the natural colours. Afterwards we all bought a lot of their products.

The Safi Weaving project was the last stop for the day, and after that we headed straight for our new hotel in Petra, Mövenpick Nabatean Castle. A 2 hour drive. On the way we stopped several times to take pictures. The evening ended with a magnificent feast in the hotel restaurant.

Looking forward to see Petra in the morning.

Stay tuned...



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