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Jordan | DAY 4 - The opening reception

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Dear all,

Yet another long day has ended. We started the day with breakfeast, now in a bigger group, since all the participants have arrived at Toledo Hotel. This morning Mary, Eva and I were accompanied by Linda Olofsson when we went to the Jordan museum. Linda is preparring the small warp weighted loom Eva brought for the demonstrations at the workshop. We were at the museum to do some last details for the conference. Folders, checking the projector, checking the sound, preparing the loom, etc.

Fortunately it did not take as long as expected, and we were back in time at the Toledo Hotel for lunch with all the participants. Yet another great buffet with lots of different dishes. Many of the participants had been siteseeing, since they had the day of. Some had been shopping, some visited the citadel, and others the great King Abdullah mosque. After lunch people had some free time, until the bus were picking us up for the opening reception at 19.00 at the museum. I personally spent it by taking a nap.

At 18.00 we met in the lobby all dressed up for the opening reception. Because of demonstrations in the city, our own bus could not make it in time, and we highjacked another bus to take us to the museum. 30 beautifull ladies and two welldressed men. Luckily we were at the museum in time and the opening could begin in the conference hall. The opening started with five presentation. Including presentations by Eva, Mrs Widad Kawar, and tree highranking men. Sadly Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan was feeling ill and had sent a representative in her place. After the presentations we had drinks and canapees in the main entrance hall at the museum.

So after a very long and eventful day a very tired blogger signs of.

Stay tuned....



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