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Jordan | DAY 3 - The Jordan Museum

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Dear all,

We spent today at the Museum getting ready, meeting the caterers, getting the projector right, playing with microphones and generally running around and being helped by all the delightful Museum staff. They are all happy to help and we are so grateful for it - and Jihad keeps smiling despite having to work with the mad women.

As food will no doubt be a theme of this blog we should mention the fabulous 'breakfast' laid on for us - falafel (of course) humous, beans, yoghurt, tomatoes, cucumber, olives for Balsa's mother-in-law, all with mint tea. Perhaps this should become the new CTR lunch?

Tonight the first delegates arrived - old and new friends Toolika and Leila from India, Jori from Japan and Mary (the other Mary) from Seattle. Camilla and I are writing this waiting to go to the airport to meet everyone else. And tomorrow its posh frocks for the Opening Reception.



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