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Jordan | DAY 3 - Arrival of participants

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Dear all,

When Mary wrote the last entry we were on our way to pick up the last participants for the workshop. A group of 19 women from all over the world. Husam Tours and our local guide, Abu Ibrahim, had arranged a bus for us to pick them up at the airport. The same bus and driver will be with us the entire week, and the local guide Abu Ibrahim is a very sweet elderly man. Abu Ibrahim has been a guide for over 30 years and trained many of the guides in Jordan.

Everyone arrived safely in the airport at 23.25 and no one lost their baggage. They were greeted with fruit and water in the bus, got their room keys and a lot of practical information. Many of them had been travelling the entire day and were very tired, so there was not much energy for socialising, and many went strait to bed.

Stay tuned



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