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Jordan | Day 10 - Third day of the workshop excursion

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Dear all,

We woke up to a delicious breakfeast at the incredible Mövenpick Nabatean Castle in Petra, thanks to Hussam Tours who upgraded us from another hotel. After the breakfeast we all met in the lobby at 8.30 am and walked together to the Petra entrance. Petra is a very large archaeological site, and not all of us could walk the long distance to the Treasury (famous from movies). Some took a ride in a wagon that turned out to be very bumby. It was a magical site and we had several hours walking around in the site, guided by our own guide Abu Ibrahim. After a lunch in a restaurant in the last part of the site, the group spilt up and we all saw different parts of Petra. Some walked to the Monestary, some saw the church, and some stayed for coffee in the restaurant. The day was not planned with textiles in mind, but turned out to have some degree of textiles involved, after seeing all the camels and donkeys and their geering. During our time in Petra we heard many stories about the bedouins, and we had many thoughts and discussions about their tents and their dress. For some of us the day ended with a camel ride back to the hotel. At the hotel we could yet again enjoy a lovely dinner and a good nights sleep after a long day.

Linda & Camilla


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