The weaving workshop in Smallegade, Copenhagen, 6.11.2021

On Saturday the 6th of November, we visited a weaving workshop in Copenhagen. The workshop is a community of four independent weavers Berthe Forcchammer, Amelie Tillgren, Ida Kornerup og Pia Jensen who take on weaving tasks independently and together. We were first met by the very talented Berthe who showed us her work on a John Becker draw loom. She is currently working on a chasuble with a beautiful gold design. Pia also talked to us about her artistic inspiration for her weaving project and showed us a Lervad foot-powered loom they had set up for making colorful scarfs.


We would highly recommend visiting their workshop - they are open the first Saturday of every month from 10-16 - and check out their Facebook page!

Plans for future trips

This spring we hope to put together a trip to the Open Air Museum in Sorgenfri (Frilandsmuseet). The museum houses more than 60 old farms, mills, and houses from the period 1650-1940 with interiors historically decorated. Mathilde, our student helper for the Save the Loom project, works there as a guide and will give a presentation of the museum and take us around the houses that have old looms displayed.

We also hope to go to Museum Amager in the nearest future - also with a focus on their display of textile history.