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The Research Team

Susanne Lervad

Ph.D. in Specialised Communication/Textile Terminology

I am a visiting scholar at The Centre for Textile Research. I studied specialized communication at the University of Southern Denmark and Université Lyon 2 and am now an associate member of CeRLA at Lyon 2 in specialized communication within the field of textiles - especially weaving.

Since 2007, I have been a member of the terminology project, of CIETA, DANTERM/FORVIR, NORDTERM, and of the EAFT (European Association of Terminology).  I am also an owner of the consultancy firm Termplus Aps and member of the LERVAD family.

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Kathrine Vestergaard Brandstrup

A textile archaeologist with specialization in hand weaving

My main wish is to connect craft knowledge with the academic and scientific world. I have a degree in Medieval Archaeology with a specialization in hand weaving. My master's thesis described the development from warp-weighted loom to treadle loom in Northern Europe. An unsolved question then was how the first treadle loom actually looked like. With the Save the Loom project, I look at how the treadle loom historically has been constructed from the old Danish handlooms in the 18th and early 19th centuries to the Lervad-looms in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Flemming Lundholm

Traditional weaver and expert in historical textile handicrafts.

Flemming Lundholm was trained at the Textile Institute in Borås in 1982 and has since then specialized in draw looms and worked as a historical weaver at several museums in Denmark. Flemming has a great collection of old looms in his personal workshop and has through the years rescued numerous looms from becoming firewood. Flemming’s great knowledge of looms, weavers, and weaving makes him a leading authority within the field of Danish textile history. This knowledge will especially be useful when the Save the Loom project begins recording old looms in Danish museum collections.

Linda Klitmøller

Ethnologist MA and Lervad expert

With her experience as a former curator at the museum of Sønderskov, Linda Klitmøller has gathered archival information about the Lervad Company. This includes both a representative selection of Lervad loom but also several records which are now stored at Vejen Archive. In 2009, Linda conducted a study of Askov Husflidsskole, Askov Sløjdskole and the company of Anders Lervad & Søn. The study was referred to as “one root – three trunks” in an article in volume 29, issue 48 of Museumsavisen from June 2009.
In this project, Linda will expand upon her former findings and further dig into who were the buyers of the Lervad looms and how many types were sold. The goal is to publish the history of the Lervad company.

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