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Peru | DAY 2

Dear all,

We visited the Museum  Amano with its collection of textiles from the earliest basketry to treasures of the Inca period.

Doris Robles, the curator, gave us an outstanding tour, translated by Karin Frei. Peruvian textile-making emerged from rope making, weaving of matting and basketry. A number of different techniques developed, including netting, braiding and looping, and cotton was domesticated. The museum has a wonderful collection, with stunning gauze cottons, feathered mantles etc. we saw the vast range of techniques the early cultures of Peru could produce in vibrant colours, and complex symbolism.

In the afternoon we were privileged to visit the conservation section of the Museo de Arqueologia y Antropologia, Universidad de San Marcos where we were saw yet more examples of elite textiles, this time many from the wrapped mummies from Paracas. The were on display at the museum in a fantastic exhibition which we can highly recommend. Additionally , the conservators kindly showed us some very exclusive pieces kept at their magazine and again the range of different techniques is striking.

In the evening we attended a performance of Sin Titulo at Casa de Yuyachkai - a challenging and fascinating end to a long day, especially for those of us who do not speak Spanish, but the costumes and textiles still tell a good story.

Eva Andersson Strand


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