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Relevant literature

This page brings you an overview of texts related to the Save the Loom project. Unlike the "Lervad archive", this table is filled with literature both old and new that 

might be relevant for anyone interested in the history of the old Danish weaving tradition, textile handicrafts, the Lervad company and so on.


A guide to the functionalities of the database

Viewing the table in full screen

The table can be viewed in full-screen mode by clicking on the "View larger version" in the bottom right-hand corner. The table will open in a new window unless you have a personal setup on your computer, where you have requested a specific, other functionality.

Downloading the data

It is possible to download the data by clicking the "Download CSV" text, located in the bottom right corner of the database table. CSV stands for comma-separated values and is the type of data you open in programs like Microsoft Excel. Download the CSV file and open it in Microsoft Excel, easy as that.

Sorting the data

You can sort the data by clicking on "Sort" in the top bar of the table. When you click on the "Sort" button you will be allowed to "pick a field to sort by", you will afterward be allowed to enter more parameters if you wish to do so. Pick a field from the dropdown and click on either "first-last" or "last-first". As mentioned a secondary sorting parameter can be entered.


Hiding specific columns

You can turn the visibility of a column off by clicking on the "Hide fields" in the top left corner of the table. The button allows you to choose which columns are displayed in the table, if the symbol to the left of the column name is green, it is on, and if the symbol is gray, it is turned off, while you view the table. Turning them on again can wither happen by clicking on the same button and turning them on again by using the sliders.

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