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Ancient Looms, 1967

In 1967, Margrethe Hald curated and organized a large exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen on the occasion of her retirement. The exhibition, which afterwards travelled to Forhistorisk Museum (today Moesgaard) in Aarhus was entitled “Oldtidsvæve” (Ancient Looms). A number of looms that Hald collected on her travels were shown at the exhibition, among them several looms set up for tubular weaving alongside the so-called 'Huldremose peplos'. An exhibition catalogue in Danish was published by Forhistorisk Museum (today Moesgaard) in Aarhus, which has been digitised in 2019 and can be accessed here: KMBT_C454-20181221162319 (

Two-beam loom set up for pile weave, acquired by Hald in Fiki/Fakieh, Lebanon, 1961. The loom belongs to the National Museum, GenReg no. F.854. Slide marked “349 Syrien. Udst. 1967”.

Two-beam loom set up with a tubular warp using the spiral method. The loom was acquired by Hald in Ecuador in 1966. It belongs to the National Museum of Denmark, GenReg no. H7043. Slide marked “524 Ecuador. Udst. 1967”. CTR.

The Huldremose peplos

Review of the original exhibition

Exhibition Review by weaver and chairman of the Danish Weavers’ Guild M. K. Paulli Andersen. Published in the journal of Haandarbejdets Fremme, 1967. Text in Danish and English.

Copyright belongs to CTR and the heirs of Margrethe Hald, unless stated otherwise.

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