Traditional Textile Craft - an Intangible Cultural Heritage?

Traditional Textile Craft – an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Thank you to all those who have shown an interest in this blog. It was initially created for the duration to a workshop held in Amman Jordan in March 2014 and you can read the final report. Early in 2015 work starts on the e-publication of the presentations, which will be available via the blog.

The outcome has been fantastic, new networks and collaborative projects have been formed and new ideas are constantly coming up. One very concrete outcome is that Kinaresor are now running Textile Tours of Jordan following our original itinerary. On the academic side we are continuing to seek funding to extend and secure our collaborations and to ensure the recording and documentation of traditional craft.

Thanks to the interest and support of all our colleagues we will re-launch the blog for new projects and general news of textile activities, so please send any information, photos etc. to

You will notice that we have uploaded the final report to the Werner Gren Foundation, who we thank again for their support.

You will see a section for NEWS where we will add items of interest, please send any relevant material to the email address above.





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