Application for FACE (Fund for Academic Collaboration and Exchange between Denmark and the Arab World)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

March 30th was the big day! It was the day we submitted CTR application for academic collaboration and knowledge exchange with our Egyptian colleagues to FACE!

FACE or Fund for Academic Collaboration and Exchange between Denmark and the Arab World is an initiative of the Danish-Arabic Partnership Programme (DAPP) which aims to support reform and democratization in the Middle-East and North Africa countries.

Our project is entitled «Danish-Egyptian Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange on Textiles, Tourism and Cultural Heritage Conservation, Preservation and Management ». It is a scheme of academic exchange and outreach with colleagues from Egypt.

Its aims:

- to promote critical awareness of the implications of textile and dress related material heritage to issues of identity (religious, ethnic, gender, minority);

- to give voice and visibility to links between crafts and tourism as source of wealth for local societies;

- to promote scientific interdisciplinary research in material cultural heritage preservation, conservation and appreciation.

Since many months now, a Danish and Egyptian team of experts engaged in research in different aspects of material cultural heritage have been emailing, skyping, phoning, in an effort to overcome spatial distance and create a feasible programme that will pave the way for the building of networks between the University of Copenhagen, the Library of Alexandria, the University of Alexandria, the University of the Fayoum, but also between Museum specialists in Danish and Egyptian museums, such as the National Museum of Denmark, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the Coptic Museum in Cairo, the Textile Museums in Cairo and the Museum collections of the Library of Alexandria.

We believe that in order to be able to bring change through knowledge it is important to maintain strong ties between institutions and individuals.

Over the last ten years CTR has had academic exchange and outreach projects with a world-wide scope.

Dear CTR friends, wish us luck with this endeavour!


Maria Papadopoulou, Marie Curie Fellow at CTR

EU - Marie Curie Actions Project Chlamys


P.S. A word of special thanks goes to our very own, very pregnant, Camilla. After the first 100 hours of work she put into this project, she was almost certain that the very first word her baby boy would say after being brought into this world would be « FACE »!!


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