Digital dictionary and term base:

The website is a digital dictionary/term base of contemporary and historical  terms relating to textiles and clothing as well as the manufacturing techniques associated with these crafts. The idea for the dictionary emerged in a professional network of Danish textile researchers: Dragtpuljen. Behind the project is a working group of a textile researchers including staff from The National Museum of Denmark, Designmuseum Danmark, and the Danish National Research Foundation's (DNRF's) Centre for Textile Research at the University of Copenhagen and Den Gamle By (The Old Town, the National Open-Air Museum of Urban History, Århus). The project’s  work on the dictionary takes place in Den Gamle By, which also hosts the website.  

 Dragtpuljen  (the Costume Group) has published its pilot project on costume and textile terms from 1600 to the present day at :  The project was generously funded by

  • HM Queen Margrethe’s and HRH Prince Henrik’s Foundation,
  • HM King Frederik and HRH Queen Ingrid’s Foundation,
  • The Augustinus Fondation
  • The Farumgaard-Foundation
  • The Danish Ministry of Culture,
  • Termplus Aps
  • The Old Town, Danish Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture

to whom we wish to express our grateful thanks.

Dragtpuljen (The Costume Group) cooperates with the following on the project:

  •  DNRF’s Centre for Textile Research at Copenhagen University
  • Dansk Sprognævn (The Danish National Language Advisory Committee)l

A professional group was assigned to the project, which ensures contact with relevant institutions and platforms:

  • Anne Hedeager Krag,  MA. and freelance researcher
  • Birka Ringbøl Bitsch, MA,  employed at the Old Town on the project  until 12th of November 2014
  • Camilla Luise Dahl , MA, freelance researcher
  •  Ingeborg Cock-Clausen, MA,
  • Inge-Margrethe Davidsen, retired registra
  • Else Østergård, retired conservator, National Museum
  • Kirsten Toftegaard, MA and curator, Designmuseum Denmark
  • Maj Ringgaard, phD and conservator,  National Museum
  • Susanne Lervad, phD and visiting scholar at DNR’s Centre for Textile Researh
  • Vibe Marie Martens, PhD student, European University in Florence
  • Cand. phil. Tove Engelhardt Mathiassen, project leader of, curator of the Old Town, Danish Open Air Museum of Urban History